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This Web Page is intended to be a repository of information about  my grandfather's village of Strubowiska, the village of Smerek, and the surrounding  villages in Gmina Cisna. Strubowiska and Smerek are located in southeastern Poland, geographically near the location where the present borders of Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia meet.

Here I will post information about the villages obtained from my research, and the research of others, including maps, history, surnames, genealogy information from census records, cemetery transcriptions, passenger arrival records, etc.

In addition, this site will also provide information about the villages where immigrants from these villages settled in the U.S., primarily Clearfield County, PA.


Please note that the Smerek discussion group on topica.com is no longer in operation. It has died a slow death and interest has slowly evaporated. The final blow was that Topica has abandoned the free discussion group product. I can't recall ever being notified but after being unable to log-in to the site I discovered the following message:

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, The Topica Discussion List Product will be shut down on July 29th, 2014. We advise that you export your subscriber list prior to this date.



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