Metro OSHIPP age 28 born and lives in Glen Campbell, son of Wasyl or Paul and Catherine Zinza of Glen Campbell
m. Anna RUSHNOK age 24 born and lives Arcadia, daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Terusky), both deceased
m. 11-26-1938 at Urey by Rev Varnava Luchko

Metro OSCHIP age 27 b. Austria lives Clymer, son of John Oschip and Yuko Lackuk, father lives Nanty Glo, mother in Austria
m. Piza TURENCZAK age 16 b. Austria lives Indiana, daughter of Harry and Katharine (Wolana) both of Indiana, consent by father to marry on 9-23-1916 at St Michael's (Clymer) by Rev Paul Manovid, pastor

Metro OSCHIP age 22 b. Idamar?? resides Clymer, son of Metro and Bessie Twenchalk, father's residence unknown, mother in Clymer
     m. Helen BARNA age 21 b. Scranton lives Clymer, daughter of Sam and Mary (Cwarich?), father deceased, mother resides Clymer, parents b. Czechoslovakia.  Married 6-16-1946 at St Michael's, Clymer by Rev Andrew J. Kertis

John OSHIP age 18 b. Stubesko, Austria resides Lockvale, son of Metro and Helen Beronsky both of Lockvale
      m. Mary Alla HUEYage 21  b. Banks Twp resides Lockvale, daughter of William and Priscilla (Bartlebaugh) both of Lockvale
married on 10-21-1918 at St Peter & Paul, Urey by Rev Andrew Slapesky

George OSHIP age 33 son of Metro and Helen Berzansky of Rossiter
              m. Anna FERANCE age 27 b. Cush Creek resides Glen Campbell, daughter of Mike and Mary (Zinza) of Glen Campbell
m. 9-2-1939 at St Michael Orthodox Gr Cath church at Irvona by Rev Joanniky Kraskoff



Frank & Annie Russian household from the 1930 Census. 

Frank Russian 45 1884 Austria Head White Coalport, Clearfield, PA 1930 census
Annie Russian 35 1894 Wife Coalport, Clearfield, PA
John Russian 16 1913 Son Coalport, Clearfield, PA
Mary Russian 14 1915 Daughter Coalport, Clearfield, PA
Eva Russian 12 1917 Daughter Coalport, Clearfield, PA
Wasko Russian 11 1918 Son Coalport, Clearfield, PA
Metro Russian 10 1919 Son Coalport, Clearfield, PA
Frank Russian 9 1920 Son Coalport, Clearfield, PA
George Russian 6 1923 Son Coalport, Clearfield, PA
Annie Russian 3 1926 Daughter Coalport, Clearfield, PA



From the STAR-COURIER, September 20, 2000, page 7A:
In Rememberance "Mother" Mary Sidwar Salamanchuk.
A noted important day
A thought of a favorite moment; 
A slow sad smile, 
for this is our Mother's birthday.
September 25th. Missed by her Family and Friends.
(provided by S. Mary Ann)


U.S. Social Security Act Application for Account Number SSN - 208-09-0953
1. First Name, Middle Name Last Name:  Nick Strongosky
2. Street and Number: Box 352
3. Post Office, State: Cairnbrook, Penna
4. Business Name or Present Employer:  Reitz Coal Company
5. Business Address of Present Employer:  Windber, Pa.
6. Age at last birthday:  44
7. Date of birth: Dec 19, 1891
8. Place of birth: Austria
9. Father’s Full Name: Charles Strongosky
10. Mother’s full name: Mary Luchanin
11. Sex: Male
12. Color: White
13. If registered with the U.S. Employment Service give registration number:
14. If you have previously filled out a card like this (state, place, date):
15. Date signed:  Dec 1, 1936
16. Employee’s signature: Nick Strongosky


Social Security Claim Number 208-09-0953 8 PC 2  DOC A93 S365
Christina Strongosky (DOB 10-15-97), RD1, Cairnbrook, PA 15924
1. First Name, Middle Name Last Name:  Christina Strongosky
2. Name Given at Birth: Christina Belas
3. Place of Birth: Galicia, Austria
4. Mother’s full name: Mary ? Last name not known.
5. Father’s Name: Metro Belas
6. When was this person born: 10/??/1897
7. Persons age: 80
8. Person’s sex: Female
9. Person’s race: white
10. Did this person ever have his own social security number: No
11. Today’s date: 3/7/77
12. Telephone number (814) 754-4317
13. Signature: Nick Strongosky, Jr. (Son)


1930 census has 
Mary Swistock 53 1876 Poland Wife White Woodward, Clearfield, PA 
John Swistock 18 1911 Son Woodward, Clearfield, PA 
Anna Swistock 14 1915 Daughter Woodward, Clearfield, PA 
Peter Swistock 12 1917 Son Woodward, Clearfield, PA 
the next 2 lines read 
George Plisko 58 1871 Galicia / Galizien / Halychyna; Poland Head White Woodward, Clearfield, PA 
Magdeline Plisko 5 1924 Daughter Woodward, Clearfield, PA then 
Joseph Swistock 28 1901 Son Woodward, Clearfield, PA 
Image Source: Year: 1930; Census Place: Woodward, Clearfield, Pennsylvania; Roll: T626_2018; Page: 20A; Enumeration District: 69; Image: 1099.



VARCHOLYAK Lyska b 1885 d 10-1-1916 age 31 husband of Sophia. --St. Marys Greek Catholic Cemetery Located top of 4th Street on right of the road, Paint Twp., Windber, PA. (Can be accessed from Rt. 160 across from Recreation Park in Windber.)


Petitions for Naturalization Denied
List No. 31, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, County of Indiana, In the Common Pleas Court of Indiana County.

Upon consideration of the Ten petitions for naturalization listed below and the motion of Carl W. Starliper for the United States in open court made, that each of such petitions be denied, and the Court having found for the cause stated opposite each petitioner named herein that the petition should not be granted, it is hereby ordered that each of said petitions be and herby is, denied.