Mike BELIS living at 87 Caldwell Ave c/o SHAWINSKI, Washington Pa in 1936
Born in Madera Oct 3, 1896 parents Timco and Nancy RUSSIAN BELIS died Feb


On December 16,1936, Mike Berzansky was living at 25 Springfield, Nanty Glo, Pa. 
was working for the Springfield Coal Corp. St. Benedict, Pa.
He was born June 8 1913 in Madera, Pa. He listed his parents as Stanley Berzansky 
and Catherine Kowal. as per SSDI he died Sept 1983. SS# 208-05-0064  


On the steamship OCEANIA, 7/29/1909 a passenger:
NASTAZIA BIECA, age: 20, female, Ruthenian, single, from Lucha, Austria
father: LUCA BIECA, from Luca, carrying $20.00, never been in US before, 
going to friend: Olia (?) Fundak, Second St., 127, Passaic, NJ, 4' 10 1/2", 
fair complicated, either black or blond hair, brown eyes, mole on his chin, 
is from Lucha, Austria. (this is confusing because in one column it states 
a female, then in reference to the mole it states the party is a male.)
Another passenger:
NASTAZIA BIECA, age: 30, female, Ruthenian, housewife, from Lucha, Austria, 
father: YELKO BIECA, from Lucha, carrying $24.00, never been in US, going 
to friend: Olia Fundak, Second St., 127, Passaic, NJ., 5' 3 1/2", fair 
complicated, fair hair, gray eyes, no identification marks, born in Lucha 
or Lucka.
In the given name the "t" may be another letter, it looks like an "L". 
I hope this helps someone. (Nancy N.)



Michael and Anna (Skiba) Juba lived in Bracken from about 1910-1919. Three
of their children: Steve, George and Mary were born there. Mrs. Juba's 
brother, Frank Skiba, who boarded with them, was killed in a mine accident 
in Bracken on January 17, 1917. The Juba's were active members of the 
Russian Church where Mr. Juba served as an officer on the church committee. 
The family moved to Plank Road and then on to Twin Rocks during the 1924 
strike. The Jubas permanently settled in Colver. (Weber, Denise Dusza, 
Delano's Domain: A History of Warren Delano's Mining Towns of Vintondale, 
Wehrum, and Claghorn, 1991, p. 188)



I got to your website in the course of searching for my grandfather's roots. 
His name was Jacob Morgenbesser. On his 1902 Ellis Island records, he 
indicated that he was 13 years old and from the Galicia region, but did not 
mention the specific locale. Another Ellis Island record for the surname 
"Morgenbesser" lists Leib Beer Morgenbesser as arriving in the US in 1909 
(as an 18-year old) from Zawoj (one of the towns that your website refers to) 
as his original residence. You may want to add Leib Morgenbesser's name to 
your master list of surnames. I have yet to determine whether my grandfather 
was related to the Leib from Zawoj. However, I believe that my 
great-grandfather's name was also Leib. (Henry Morgenbesser April 25, 2001)