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Here are some links to related sites on the subject of Rusyns, Their Culture and Their Homeland:

Infoukes is an Internet based information resource about Ukraine and Ukrainians. The InfoUkes web site provides information on Ukraine and Ukrainian people throughout the world. The topics range from history, culture, maps, genealogy, software, thru media and news publications on the Internet.

Walter Maksimovich's Lemko Site the web page that deals with those people of the Carpathian Mountains, who are commonly known as Lemkos.

The Carpatho Rusyn Society located in Pittsburgh is one of the best sources to find out things Rusyn. They sponsor many events in Western Pennsylvania-Ohio-New Jersey areas. Also see Gregg Gressa's Carpatho Rusyn Knowledge Base.

The Carpathian Connection (TCC) -- this site focuses on research on ancestors who came from the Carpathian Mountain regions with a major emphasis on those of Ruthenian (i.e. Rusyn) and Slovak heritages but takes into consideration all heritages who resided within these regions.


Map of Smerek Area, on Walter's Site. The map is a rather large file so be patient, it will take a while to load in your browser.