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Dear George,

Re: Map of Habkivtsi 

I have enclosed a map for Habkivtsi. There is much less commentary on this maps than was available for Tisna and Dovzhytsia. All of the population of Habkivtsi, was forcibly removed and deported to Ukraine in 1946. 

Copyright 2003 by Michael Lavrivskyi, all rights reserved. Used with permission of author.

 Habkivtsi (Pol.: Habkowce) Circa 1930s
 (List compiled by Michael Lavrivskyi (originally from Dovzhytsia) with the assistance of Kateryna Stronhanovska a former resident of Habkivtsi, who has lived in the Ivano-Frankivska Oblast of Ukraine since the deportation in 1946)
Family Husband & Wife Pseudonym  Comments
 1  Plishka    Bodnarka  
 2  Plishka    Mudryk  
 3  Krepich    Husanytsia  
 4  Kit    Stan'ko  
 5  Krepich  Ivan    Soltys (mayor) married daughter of Fedor Panyshak
 6  Plishka    Hnatovych  
 7  Marynchak    Makryna  
 8  Marynchak  Mykhailo & Maria    
 9  Plishka  Myhalyshyn    
10  Fedchyk      Was in US for work. Son "Maiko" (Michael) born there
11  Slyvkanych    Hryzak  
12  Plishka    Trishivskyi  
13  Panyshak  Fedor & Anna    Was in US for work pre-WWI. POW in Siberia during WWI. Died tragically during deportation of the village in 1946.
14  Kyz'ma    Pylypanych  
15  Skryp  Anna    
16  Kyz'ma    Luzhanynka  
17   Kostyk      
18  Stryniak      
 19  Vats'kiv    Nykolaichyk  
 20  Vats'ko      
 21  Makhnyk      
 22  Plishka    Pavliskyi  
 23  Sloiko      
 24  Hodovanets'      
 25  Kyz'ma      
 26  Church      Church of Blessed Virgin Mary built 1833, dismantled after deportation of 1946
 27  Kelier      Was in US for work, and covered his roof in galvanized iron - the only one in the village